SKEDATTLE 天然驅蚊噴霧 – 不含 DEET  (59ml)
SKEDATTLE 天然驅蚊噴霧 – 不含 DEET  (59ml)

SKEDATTLE 天然驅蚊噴霧 – 不含 DEET (59ml)

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Skedattle® 天然驅蚊噴霧,不含 DEET及刺激性化學物質。以天然成份調配,低致敏,帶雲呢拿香味、香茅及薄荷香氣,安全有效。適合6個月以上小朋友使用。

經獨立實驗室測試,Skedattle® 天然驅蚊噴霧有效驅除蚊、蠓、蝨及小昆蟲。寵物也適用。

使用方法:搖一搖,離幾吋直接噴於皮膚上或衣物上。避免接觸眼睛、傷口、或幼兒手指。 使用後用淡皂水清洗。

容量:59 ml



  1. 請勿存放於高溫或日光直射的地方。
  2. 如不慎接觸眼睛,請即以清水清洗,如有需要請教醫生。
  3. 使用後若有過敏或不適請即刻停止使用。

Skedattle® anti bug spray makes bugs scram, beat it, take a hike and get out of town. Anglers love Skedattle because it doesn't melt their fishing line and ruin their tackle boxes. Moms love it for kids because it's all natural and smells good. And everyone loves it because it works! 

Our bug repellent does not include any chemicals, especially DEET, which can potentially cause eye and skin irritations, headaches, and nausea. Our DEET-free bug spray is made with oils that smell great to humans but terrible to pesky bugs.

Our formula uses Citronella, Peppermint, and Lemongrass oils. The Vanillin in our formula not only repels insects but provides our bug spray with a pleasant scent for humans.

Skedattle® also is ideal for use as a flea and tick spray for pets! It's also biodegradable which means you can wear it in the rain and while swimming and won’t cause the environment harm, but will keep you protected from mosquito and bug bites.

Ingredients: Citronella Oil (4%), Lemongrass Oil (4%), Peppermint Oil (2%), Vanillin, Purified Water, and Potassium Sorbate.